Welcome to the world of Hellerwork Structural Integration!

The exciting new world of fascial research, combined with body mind medicine and somatic psychology are all part of a new opportunity that each of us has to transform our whole relationship with our bodies.  This allows not only our physical structures to change and improve, but also clarifies the perceptual lens through which we look- what we perceive through  this lens creates our body image and in part, our self image.

Hellerwork Structural Integration sessions and series is the best way to realign and transform the body and release traumas and tension patterns that contribute to pain and suffering.

Introduction to Hellerwork seminars, Ergonomic seminars for corporations and groups that have proven to reduce injuries and increase productivity, Hellerwork Trainings for a career in this amazing field, my books Align for Life and The Body Mastery System, Information about your health concerns and what you can do about it, Professional referral network (Dan’s list), and health oriented products that you will find on my website offer you opportunities to both explore and commit to creating positive growth and well being in the form of improved shape, awareness, vitality, beauty, self image and self love!

Enjoy, Dan

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Introducing the Body Mastery System

The Body Mastery System is a unique and powerful program that includes Dan’s new book Align For Life with a free 24 page Journal, and The Body Mastery Series E-Books. Also included are personally recommended products and services that help you to create a masterful relationship between you and your body.   Dan Bienenfeld’s remarkable system has been tested with thousands of people, in both individual consulting work, as well as in industrial settings in large groups. As an ergonomic consultant with companies like Johnson and Johnson, Dan spent years applying this method to create the amazing results that are now available to you with the complete Body Mastery System.


Daniel’s books, ebooks & BodyMind Pendants

Align for Life

Journey to Structural Integration
by Dan Bienenfeld
Quality paperback, Printed in US, 216 pages
Alive Point Press
Published April 10, 2008
Includes 24 page Journal
Price: $39.95

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BodyMind Pendants

BodyMind Pendants

Programmed to make you stronger
Balance Chakras
Strengthen your cells against EMF’s
Improve your balance and endurance
Sacred Geometry design
They are amazing, see for yourself!

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