Dan’s List

In my private practice and teaching world, I am constantly asked for special referrals for my client, particularly in the area of integrative medicine and healthy lifestyle.  I offer you my special picks of extraordinary practitioners and healers that I have personally seen.  If you would like to discuss the possibility of being on Dan’s list, or know an appropriate addition, please contact me.

Neil Gumenick 310-453-2235  http://www.5elements.com
Miles Reed 310-894-5274  http://www.tilomedical.com/about_us.htm  

Mary McCullah – 323-2408268
Anger management work:

Stephen Wolf Ph.d  http://www.howtoanger.com/
Judith Milburn Ph.d  714-968-4242  www.judithmilburn.com/workshops.html

Aston Patterning:
Harvey Rudarian 310-473-6229

Biofeedback/ neurofeedback:

Breath work:

Michael Batliner  310-379-3965

Chiropractic care:

Joel Bienenfeld D.C  310-993-6656  DrJoelChiropractic.com

Jeanette Ryan D.C (310) 395-3653  DrJeanetteRyan.com

Gary Jacob D.C  310 459 1962  www.GaryJacob.com

Ruth Ziemba D.C 310 459 4484    http://integral-wisdom.com/background.html

Colon therapy:

Cranio-sacral therapy:

Marion klein PT-

Joint and spinal mobilizations and myofascial technique- 310 477-6987


Shelly pusich  (310)440-8809

Feng Shui- Space Clearing:

M.Carol Assa – 323-665-8410  [email protected]

Hair Balancing

Gail Bowen (818)363-3693


Ronald Soderquist, PH.D.  805-496-3449  www.westlakehypnosis.com

Lymphatic treatment:

Emily Iker MD. 310-829-7472  http://www.lymphedemacenter.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=13&Itemid=1

Massage Therapy:

Isaree  at Siri Foot Spa  310 231 3503

Medical Doctors:
William Harrell M.D.  310-315-7922

Kenneth kafka, M.D  310 966 9194

Meditation practices

Kip Wood   “zen” teaching practice:  www.thebok.net

Neuro-Muscular Therapy:

Gadi Kaufman- 310 451-4113  www.gadibody.com

Scott Pyatt   – 949 939 2807

Naturopathic and Nutrition:

Dr. Angel Agrios ND (310)459-2942  www.DrAngelaAgrios.com


Physical Therapy:

Dave Powers PT  (310)871-8210

Noelle Rox   http://www.noellesperfectfitness.com/
Karen Reiteager  310 279 8968

Prolo Therapy, PRP, etc

Orthopedic Osteorelief Institute. (800)777-5633

Dr Daniello Aufiero MD  (310) 453-5404 (Office)

Marc Darrow MD  (877) 756-0601

Peter Fields Phone: 310.453.1234  www.drfields.com


Psychic healers/ Energy workers:

Ken Klee 310- 825 -7460, 310-395 -0447
Carolyn Conger 310-453 0376 http://www.Congerseminars.com
Judy Nelson 310-395-1170
Karin Solo 310-717-6829  http://www.heartflamehealing.com


Stephen Wolf Ph.D 310-479-1143  http://www.tamingyouranger.com

Expand your professional practice.  Become proficient at training others to Tame their Anger & get certified by the  National Anger Management Association.
Margie Mirell 310-394-6262
Johnny Nadleman 310- 364-4363

Thai Yoga:

Phoebe Diftler 310-459-1276 http://WWW.phoebethaiyoga.com

Tantra Education:

Dawn Cartwright  310-592 1293   http://www.chandrabindutantrainstitute.com


Trauma work/ Somatic Experiencing:
Catalina 818-430-8983

Gina Ross Ph.d  323-934-0379

Yoga Teachers:
Lary Payne 310-306-8845  http://www.somata.com
Phoebe Diftler 310-459-1276  http://www.phoebethaiyoga.com