E-Readers are the wave of the future for education and information. Alive Point Press is pleased to announce our first titles that can be downloaded and viewed on all the poplular E-Readers, including Sony, Kindle, Cybook Orizon, Apple as well as most Mac and PC formats.

” ALIGN FOR LIFE ”  – The E-Book

For fitness enthusiasts, yogis and pilates practitioners, or anyone with a desire to free yourself of stress and create beautiful  and effortless alignment and body movement, or…

If you are in the process of your SI series, or if you have finished your series years ago, you will benefit from this book.  The support that it adds to your sessions is quite extensive, and is also an excellent ‘tune-up’ for work you have already done. Structural Integration was always intended to be an educational process, not a medical treatment..  ALIGN FOR LIFE allows clients to learn, practice, and integrate the life giving principles that SI has to offer.

As you know, our work can be quite beneficial, but why not make it completely transformational.  The difference is in the integration.  Living SI requires us to learn how to apply SI directly to our lives.  This is not always possible to teach on the table, which is why I created this tool.

The best insurance for our bodies to last our lifetime is to learn how to use them properly, with alignment and ease.  This is what ALIGN FOR LIFE teaches.
Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive from using the book:

ALIGN FOR LIFE will allow you to increase your structural awareness from 0 to 100.

  • Learn how to relax anytime/anywhere.
  • Improve your flexibility and circulation.
  • Release tension and pain patterns with only a breath.
  • Create amazing posture and fluidity of movement.
  • Allow your investment to last.
  • Make your series much more powerful.

Over 200 beautifully illustrated pages of theory, lessons, and whole body learning, complete with journal to track the results of the process.  Illustrated and designed by Art Ellis, who designed over 500 books for clients such as Disney Warner Bros, Simon & Schuster and Random House.

ALIGN FOR LIFE E-Book price is  $19.99

Available now!

The Body Mastery System (BMS) E-Books—-Video enhanced!

Life is movement!  Movement is what keeps the body relaxed and youthful.  Poor movement habits create tension, pain, stress, anxiety, and poor posture.  Learn how to move to live in harmony with gravity, and to capture the pleasure of living in your body

An amazing educational product that teaches people how to create a healthy relationship with their body.  It is a talking book based on principles from Ida Rolf’s teachings of Structural Integration, combined with Hellerwork Structural Integration principles, yoga, bioenergetics, Physical therapy techniques, and awareness exercises created by Dan Bienenfeld, the author of the system.

The Body Mastery System teaches you to have beautiful posture, great gait, reduced stress and pain, and graceful longevity.

BMS helps the reader completely transform their relationship with their body in the context of daily living.  Through physical exercises,  awareness/meditative exercises and through the study of movement, the reader re-learns to move their body in a way that releases tension, stress, and rigidity, and creates flexibility, fluidity, awareness, and magnificent posture and alignment.  It is the anti-aging insurance policy, as aging (as far as the body is concerned) is the systematic accumulation of tension, stress, and rigidity in the body’s tissues.  Anti-aging is also made possible with the learning of fluid alignment and movement patterns, which nurture and create supple youthful tissues in the body.  BMS creates easy to learn, lifelong healthy habits, which allow you to enjoy your  body for the rest of your life.

Body Mastery System E-book, a nine volume set, is available as a complete set and may be purchased in the following separate volumes:

The Art of Standing

Learn to stand with incredible posture and grace.

“The Art of Standing”

The most simple of daily activities is the foundation for nearly all the movements of daily life. Each individual first begins to learn the art of standing at around six months of age- that is usually the last and only time in ones life that standing is being perfected.  When we first learn as infants, we ‘fail our way to success’ by falling until we eventually learn to balance in the field of gravity.  Learning standing balance with ease and grace is learning how to navigate gracefully in the field of gravity, the most powerful force in the universe.  Posture is developed from many factors- and our bodies are like injection molded plastic mediums, they simply shape to the way we use them.  Learn to stand with gorgeous posture and ease for the rest of your life.  This is not the rigid military posture your parents tried to teach you, this is the new paradigm of postural flow.  Your posture is your individual blueprint to physical reality!

EBook price $4.99

The Art of Walking

Learn to walk with incredible ease and great posture, while releasing tension.

“The Art of Walking”

Take the wisdom of The Body Mastery System, and hit the road with it.  This talking book will give you the principles of balance, alignment, and ease, and show you how to take them into your exercise.  Use your standing, walking, hiking, or even running as a way to heal your body.  Just the movements of walking can be used to open up your alignment, improve your circulation, and give you new found body confidence….Even reduce pain and tension!  There is an ecstatic feeling that you can learn to create everyday, simply by applying step by step subtleties to your daily walking.  Imagine taking this feeling into your everyday life.  “The Art of Walking” will help you walk through your life with a spring in your step!

EBook price $4.99

Available now!

Stress Breaks for Standing and Walking

For individuals who do lots of standing and walking:

Release tension and stress while standing or walking.  Create energy to really live.

Standing and Walking Stress Break will allow you to feel young again!    Enjoy 22 minutes of guided exercises and movements that create flexibility, tone, and energy!  You won’t believe how great you will feel when you learn these energizing movements.   Relax your nervous system and wake-up for the rest of the day.  Move and avoid the pitfalls of sedentary life.  Lose weight and look amazing, with music and smart and therapeutic exercises just for you!  Standing and Walking never felt so good!

EBook Price $4.99

Available now!

The Art of Sitting-on the Job

Learn to sit with ease and great posture, while releasing tension and stress.

Millions of you go to work and sit down all day. Hours and hours of sitting everyday takes a tremendous toll on your body.

One of the most poorly designed structures in our culture is the chair. Although there are many different types, they are almost all designed to make a person slump. Long hours of computer use can result in fatigue, tension and pain.  Learn to sit effortlessly, and design your work station for your comfort and peak performance.  With guided lessons and exercises, this talking book will teach you the effortless “Art of sitting.”

EBook price $4.99

Available now!

Stress Break for Sitting-on the Job

For individuals who sit a lot:

Release tension and stress right at your chair.  Totally enjoy sitting.  22minute guided break, complete with musical accompaniment and energy building exercises and movements.  Sitting is what we do, yet we don’t have be unhealthy about it!  Learn to move in your seat to increase flexibility, tone, and relaxation.  Prevent back and joint problems and use these exercises anytime!  The lymphatic system needs movement to circulate, this doesn’t happen by itself.  Make your break fun and healing, with Sitting-on The Job.

Ebook Price  $4.99

Available now!

Carpal Tunnel Relief

Relieve and heal your carpal tunnel syndrome, easy do it yourself techniques.

Carpal Tunnel Relief.  A comprehensive self help manual for relieving symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome.  This painful condition can truly disable a vital and productive person to the point of chronic injury status.  With step by step easy to follow guide, you can learn to work on yourself like a professional, and release pain and restore function back to your body in no time. Surgeries often don’t work, but tissue manipulation will often save the day.  Combined with easy stretches and movements, you will be glad you did it! You or someone you care about is suffering from Carpal Tunnel, take care of it now.

Ebook Price $4.99

Available now!


The Art of lifting

Finally learn to lift without hurting yourself

The Art of Lifting is a simple guide to lifting the loads of daily life.  Whether it’s your laptop, your child, or you’re job requires lifting, you can learn to lift in a way that preserves the integrity of your spine and creates length and fluidity throughout your body.  Lifting is one essential activity in daily life that represents freedom and health.  Most people injure themselves bending over to wash their face, or pick up their keys from the floor.  Instead of stressing about lifting, de-stress about it, it’s about time! This simple guide makes lifting easy and safe!

EBook Price $4.99

Home Stretch Back Care

Release your day, and your back tension in minutes, enjoy your evening more. This  talking book guides you, step by step to help you unwind your day, and realign your body.  Simple back care and whole body care influenced by Structural Integration concepts, yoga, physical therapy, and meditation principles, you and your body will feel amazing and able to relax  and sleep better.  Take these same exercises and do them throughout the day to reduce tension, realign and balance yourself, and look younger!  Home Stretch is a must!

EBook Price $4.99

Available now!

Waking Up for your Day-Daily Warm-up

Create energy and improve circulation for an amazing day.

“Daily Warm Ups”

Are you looking for a fabulous way to start your day?  Tired of your routine, or wanting to accent it with new life?  “Daily Warm Ups” will give you energy, endurance, and fun to last through your whole day.  With 20 minutes of fun and easy movements, you can change your body, feel and look younger, and release tension and pressure.

Why suffer from the routine?  Mix in some amazing, fully guided body movements what will shake you out of your slump…Literally.

Ebook Price $4.99

Available now!

The Complete Body Mastery Series E-book (all nine volumes +)

Complete with introductory theory and self evaluation system, to really heal and master your body. Use the entire Body Mastery Series as a 30 day wake up!  Change your body and transform your life with the help of all 9 Ebooks!

Learn to identify your body patterns, link your activities with your stresses, this is part of knowing yourself.

Learn to heal yourself of tension, pain, rigidity and poor posture!  Body Mastery Series was created for you to love your life in your body.  Be some of the few individuals who actually know how to relax, align, and restore!  Each EBook is sold separately, for $4.99. If you paid for each book separately, it would cost you $44.91, and you would miss the collective power of the Body Mastery Series. Now, for a limited time you can save money by purchasing all 9 EBooks in one complete volume (plus other content) for the low price of  $31.99!  This is a significant discount!

Available now!

Body Mastery System E-books Package

Give yourself the gift of health and life.  You only have one body, so learn how to use it so that it lasts your lifetime!

If you act now, you will receive Align for Life EBook , normally costing $19.99 will only cost you $8.00.  So, for the low price of  $39.99, you can have the entire collection of the Body Mastery Series EBooks right now!

Ebooks Price $39.99

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