The Art Walking E-Book

Learn to walk with incredible ease and great posture, while releasing tension.

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“The Art of Walking” Take the wisdom of The Body Mastery System, and hit the road with it.  This talking book will give you the principles of balance, alignment, and ease, and show you how to take them into your exercise.  Use your standing, walking, hiking, or even running as a way to heal your body.  Just the movements of walking can be used to open up your alignment, improve your circulation, and give you new found body confidence….Even reduce pain and tension!  There is an ecstatic feeling that you can learn to create everyday, simply by applying step by step subtleties to your daily walking.  Imagine taking this feeling into your everyday life.  “The Art of Walking” will help you walk through your life with a spring in your step!

Price: $4.99

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