“Continuous work on advanced bodies may sometimes make them grow shorter and certainly does little good unless the practitioner (1) manages to reach a deeper level than in previous sessions or (2) works at a higher level of integration than before or (3) find a place he has never tried to clean-up before” Dr.Ida P. Rolf


Evolutionary Therapeutic Dialogue skills for hands on practitioners

Somatic psychology is finally hitting the mainstream, and yet those of us who have our hands on people’s bodies have a direct experience of the opportunity for our clients to truly heal past experiences and traumas, as well as to learn how to connect better between their minds and bodies.

This 1-day course TBA

Life Transforming Movement education for hands on practitioners

Structural Integration Movement is body ‘Life Insurance’, as it trains the body to move with great posture and alignment, as well as fluidity. This combination is one of the most important ways to keep our bodies from degenerating and aging.

Learn to move with grace and ease and how to teach your clients, friends and family to have this chance as well. Retraining the body to move correctly and with ease not only feels good, but also reduces pain and tension patterns associated with harmful and compressive patterns that are part of most people’s pain story.

This 1-day course for Hands on Practitioners TBA


From your Eyes to your Hands Teaches bodywork professionals how to asses clients visually (seeing skills) and in their movement patterns. Students will learn the art of identifying what to work on based on the structural patterns that they observe while watching their clients sit, stand and walk.  This workshop TBA

Business for Body workers is essential to the success of all of your talents. Dan has common sense techniques and secrets that have kept him fully booked with a waiting list for the past 35 years. He is excited to pass these teachings on to you!  TBA

Introduction to Hellerwork Structural Integration- a 4 day emersion course- for students who want to learn the Art and the Science of Hellerwork (SI) and want to really understand it prior to signing up for the full training. This is a fantastic way to dip your toe into the work and many of the facets of the practice as well as tools that you will immediately take with you to put right to work with your clients, friends and Families. You need not be a bodywork partner to take this course, so you have someone to practice on as you learn- so it does require for you to sign up with a partner. This zoom format is due to the covid times and the fact that we will meet on zoom and not in person until the coast is clear…But let’s get on with it, hope to see you there!

Don’t miss this important event!  TBA


Bonding Courses for Couples:


You can learn to help your Mate with easy to implement bodywork skills to reduce tension, eliminate pain, and improve well being- before your very eyes. This 3-hour course will consist of:

  1. Working on your partner’s back
  2. Neck and shoulder releases
  3. Feet and hands

And more- TBA


Healing Courses for Individuals who want to Fly

Movement and Body Mastery Courses for individuals to learn to move with ease and grace, and with structural integration principles.

This 7 session series will teach participants how to transform your body structure and posture into one that is beautifully aligned with Gravity. This is fully experiential and will parallel the first 7 sessions of structural Integration, utilizing the structural exercises that Dr. Rolf gave to her clients as well as other complimentary modalities.

It is said that the way you walk across your living room is the way you walk through life! Learn to move elegantly, without producing tension and pain. TBA


Postural and Ergonomic consultation with Dan

This is an individual zoom with Dan that will help you sort out your body alignment issues combining ergonomic principles and exercises to help you create great posture and alignment. We will also help to solve structural issues and create great new patterns for life! Somatic Psychology counseling to release trauma and create greater mind/body connections. TBA



Meet Dan in two free Zoom sessions, where you can ask Dan Questions about courses and experience what it is like to Study and Learn together with Dan

Dates: TBA





Beyond the Series… An Advanced Look at 8, 9 & 10

Northwest Hellerwork invites you to attend a special workshop and unique opportunity to work with Dan Bienenfeld, Hellerwork SI trainer and 30-year veteran of Structural Integration.

Come to this 4-day workshop to explore the integrative sessions, 8, 9 and 10, which are the basis for all advanced work. Learn more »  Next workshop to be arranged soon.


Beyond The Series- Advanced Five Workshop- sign up now!

‘The advanced five-session series both compliments and departs from the basic series; it comprises a new module of five sessions that requires a greater degree of participation and awareness from the client and a greater level of skill on the part of the practitioner’
I will post upcoming classes as I schedule them.  Please inquire if you are interested in hosting this workshop.


Principals of Structural Integration for Massage Therapists

In this two hour presentation, Dan Bienenfeld senior faculty for Hellerwork Structural Integration will present theory and usable guidelines for bodywork assessment and treatment protocols. Massage therapists will become aware of the guiding principles for Structural Integration that can enhance and improve your session results. Hellerwork combines structural bodywork, movement education and dialogue to facilitate powerful and transformational results for clients. Dan is author of “Align for Life, Journey to Structural Integration”, a workbook and resource for clients and practitioners. He is a Training Director of the California Hellerwork Institute and the chairman of the Education Board of Hellerwork Structural Integration. Register »


S I Practitioners

Tutorials are an opportunity for practitioners to study privately with Dan.  This may include practice consulting, body mechanics optimization, or 4 handed work with your clients. Contact us for details.

Short classes for SI practitioners, including 3 series, advanced 5 series, scoliosis work, series recipe review, structural awareness training, etc.  You can arrange a class in your area or come to us. Contact us for details


Hellerwork Structural Integration training.

Become certified in Hellerwork SI, go to