About Dan

Dan Bienenfeld is a world renowned Hellerwork Structural Integration trainer and practitioner with close to 40 years of experience. He is past president of the Hellerwork Practitioner’s Association, and currently is director of the Hellerwork Practitioner Training. Dan was co-founder of Los Angeles Healing Arts Center, one of the nation’s largest multi-specialty alternative medical centers.

Prior to founding the Center, Dan built a strong foundation for his work from many years of facilitating programs in Structural Integration oriented ergonomics for large corporate clients such as Johnson and Johnson. Dan’s commitment as an author and teacher ultimately springs from his deep passion and love for his work, and his desire to effect a positive healing transformation for as many people as possible in conjunction with his personal practice.

Structural Integration
Dan is available for individual sessions. The practice of Hellerwork Structural Integration involves structural bodywork, movement education, and therapeutic dialogue.

Dan’s Menu

Dan Bienenfeld offers a variety of individual programs for you:

First is the Hellerwork Structural Integration series:

This involves eleven sessions (sometimes more) of Structural Integration, combined with movement education and therapeutic dialogue, to maximize the long-term benefits of the work.  This powerful combination will result in lasting change and transformation.  Sessions are 90 minutes, and typically conducted once per week or every two weeks (accelerated programs are available).

Second is the Advanced Three Series:

This is for people who have completed the basic series of Structural Integration, and would like to refine and advance their integration.  These focused sessions will usually return the body to an optimal state, and take it beyond that.  Sessions can be done weekly or biweekly.

Third is the Advanced Five Series:

This advanced program is for people who have completed the series, and have waited for 6 months to a year since their series.  The level of work that is possible in this program is unlike anything done before.  The body is available for an entirely new level of work.  This series is very demanding, but worth it!  Sessions are done once a week or sooner.

Four Handed Series:

If you liked two hands, try four.  Dan and his son, Jesse, also an SI practitioner, work together and create amazing results.  With four hands, it is possible to access deeper and more complex patterns, so get ready for results!  This is a must!  You can do an individual session, or try the Advanced Three Series with Four Hands. You won’t believe the power of four hands!

Repeat the series:

Every so often, it is recommended to repeat the Structural Integration series.  This is a great way to re-align everything, and give yourself a whole new body.

Sessions are usually an hour and a half.  Four Handed work is also available, this involves Dan and his son, Jesse, doing the work together.  This can create a quantum shift in the speed and specificity of the work.  You must try this at least once!

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Corporate Ergonomics
Corporate ergonomics programs are available to reduce workers comp claims and improve the safety of individual working environment.