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Are you looking for a plan to:
*Reduce Injuries in the Workplace

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Absenteeism/Replacement Costs
  • Decrease Insurance Premiums
  • Create a Higher Company Profit Margin
  • Improve Employee Morale

ErgoAwareness=Enhanced Energy, Efficiency, Productivity and Appearance!

Alive Point Ergonomics is committed to helping you create an optimum level of health and a minimum level of stress in your work envoironment. Aside from addressing the basic ergonomic issues- of desk and seat height, and computer angles, etc, Our seminar offers a unique and powerful benefit to it’s participants: We are also certified consultants with Human Scale, the number one supplyer of eronomic furniture and technology.

How Does Alive Point Ergonomics Seminars differ from other Ergonomics Programs?

Our seminars are designed to assist  you in developing a diversified training program to reduce stress, decrease injuries, and increase productivity in the workplace.

If you think of the body as a structure, the more aligned and more fluid it stands on the ground, or sits in its chair, the more likely it is to have balance, symmetry, and stability.  These postural qualities carry over into a person’s overall behavior and life.

On the contrary, if a person is imbalanced, slumping forward with their head and shoulders, feet not planted firmly on the ground, their work and life will likely reflect this feeling of instability and imbalance.

Our seminar is designed to address an individual’s body posture and retrain them into the best possible alignment with gravity.  An amazing confidence emerges when the body image and body movements work together.  Imagine your staff having this kind of ‘edge.’

Our training is done in a room large enough to allow movement, walking and stretching by the participants.  Our focus is on muscle and tissue fibers related to a person’s sense of well-being, emphasizing how awareness and breath allow a person to relax their muscles.  By shifting subconscious holding patterns, a person can immediately begin to change negative habits that no longer serve them, and therefore shift into productive successful patterns.

During the seminar, participants will be introduced to new lifelong habits that improve their energy levels and prevent undue stress and holding in the body.  They will immediately feel the difference and begin to use these newly acquired patterns with rewarding results.  By giving your employees this incredible gift, you are making a long term investment in your company that will bring benefits to every aspect of your business.

The Purpose of the Alive Point Ergonomics Seminar

The purpose of our seminar is to teach your employees how to improve the relationship they have with their body.

Benefits of the Alive Point Ergonomics Seminar include: a greater sense of ease in everyday movement, reduced stress and increased motivation on a personal level, greater productivity, improved employee relations and reduced insurance premiums on a company-wide level.  These benefits are achieved by teaching a person to feel balanced and comfortable in their bodies.

How does the Alive Point Ergonomics Seminar work?

The seminar is conducted for a group of up to 20 employees, with at least one follow-up session (or quarterly follow ups for ongoing results.  This covers new employees and absent employees etc).

During the training session, each individual participates in a movement and posture education demonstration.  A sense of knowledge and awareness of how the body responds to outside stimulus is the focus, teaching a person how to best utilize their body in a variety of situations and positions.

Why was the Alive Point Ergonomic Seminar developed?

Throughout a person’s life, subconscious patterns become ingrained in their body; such as slumping over the desk for hours upon end, or tensing the shoulders in reaction to an uncomfortable situation.  Their body soon learns to adjust to this pattern, thinking this is “normal” Gravity, the most powerful force in the universe is constantly influencing us, but as fish in water don’t notice the water, we don’t usually give gravity a thought.  Our bodies do, however, and are continually working to keep us upright and balanced within this field of gravity.  When we take on a pattern that is out of alignment- slumping, for example, opposing muscles must respond to keep our bodies from falling over.  These muscles soon become tired of overcompensating, and are the site of muscle tension.  Unfortunately these patterns become habits that drain our energy and cause pain.

Add Energy, Release Tension Sit for Success, your Body will Love you for it


Create your Space- Smart planning Creates Great Results Avoid Neuro-músculo-skeletal Problems Before they Begin


More details about how the seminar works-

The seminar works by re-educating the body to stand, sit and move in an aligned and upright posture conducive to working well in the gravity field.  A person can relieve stress and begin functioning normally when we align with gravity.

Participants gain a feeling of increased energy, reduced tension and pain and a greater sense of ease in their lives.  Dan Bienenfeld can provide ample support materials for seminar participants- Ebooks that have been developed specifically for this purpose!

Pricing for the Seminars-

Pricing may vary according to the size of the group and the amount of employees involved. The standard fee for 75-minute programs is $300 – Again, prices may vary and travel expenses are considered.  There is a 2.5-hour minimum.

The Alive Point Ergonomics Staff

Dan Bienenfeld, a Certified Hellerwork practitioner has been consulting in the ergonomics, stress management and injury reduction arena since 1980.  He has been a corporate consultant to Johnson and Johnson and many other companies.  Dan is the author of Align for Life, Journey to Structural Integration, along with 10 EBooks called the Body Mastery Series

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Please feel free to call me to discuss specific needs for your company, and we will design the most effective, powerful, and cost efficient program possible.

I look forward to working with you and your company.

Sincerely, Dan Bienenfeld

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