Hellerwork Training Opportunity

A powerful 4 day ‘hands on’ Introduction to Hellerwork Structural Integration Workshop, in Poland!

When: TBA
Where: Pabianice (Łódź)/Polan
Facilitator: Daniel Bienenfeld, Training Director and Senior Trainer of the Hellerwork School of Structural Integration.

What is Hellerwork?-Hellerwork is bodywork and healing modality that includes Structural Integration, movement education, and Somatic Psychology. This combination allows an individual to re-align their body structure, release chronic pain and stress, move with grace and ease, and create a whole new relationship with their body. http://hellerwork.com/


What you will learn: This 4 day workshop will give students a basic knowledge of Hellerwork Structural Integration and enable them to take some of it’s principles into their work and into their lives. Students will leave the workshop with many skills that can be utilized right away to help their clients, friends and family members to create significant changes in their body/Minds. Here are some of the skills that you will learn.

  • To assess structural alignment
  • To understand the relationship between structure and function
  • Strategies to correct postural deviations
  • To unwind and release tension and strain in the body
  • How movement patterns influence the body
  • To assess yours and your client’s movement patterns
  • To teach movement education
  • Dialogue basics and theory
  • Somatic focusing facilitation
  • Therapeutic dialogue application
  • Body/awareness dialogue
  • Hellerwork SI Themes
  • Watching Hellerwork Session Demonstration
  • Students Learn to do the session skills
  • Students Trade a session with another Student


 Who is welcome: Beginners and professionals are all welcome to learn about Hellerwork, considered one of the most potent and well-respected healing arts modalities.

When: 21th -24th June 2019

Where: Pabianice (Łódź)/Polan

Price: 2500,00 PLN

Contact and sign ups: Agata Konarska [email protected] +48 662 310 264

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Provider: MasażTkanekGłębokich.Pl Ł.Czubaszewski,P.Szałański S.C 27 Grudnia 9/8, 61 – 737 Poznań http://www.deeptissuemassage.eu


Holistyka – Ośrodek Doskonalenia Zawodowego Magdalena Boroń, Lublin



Instructor: Daniel Bienenfeld

Hellerwork Structural Integration Advanced Rolf Method Discover my Books:

Align for Life, Journey to Structural Integration The Body Mastery System www.DanBienenfeld.com http://hellerwork.com/

Learn from Dan Bienenfeld, Training Director and Senior Trainer of the Hellerwork School of Structural Integration. Dan is the Author of Align for Life, Journey to Structural Integration and the Body Mastery System. Go to www.DanBienenfeld.comto see his website and order his books.

Info about Joseph Heller – creator of Hellerwork