4 Day Immersive Online Training & Certification Program

Introduction to Hellerwork Structural Integration

Create powerful and effective results with clients- immediately following this course- Taught by internationally acclaimed Master Teacher of Structural Integration, Daniel Bienenfeld


March 28th – 31st
9am – 6pm pacific


Live via Zoom


(normally $1,500)



What is Hellerwork?

Hellerwork is a bodywork and healing modality that includes:

  • Structural Integration
  • Movement Education
  • Somatic Psychology

This combination allows an individual to re-align their body structure, release chronic pain and stress, move with grace and ease, and create a whole new relationship with their body.

How is this different than other bodywork practices?

What really distinguishes hellerwork from other forms of bodywork, also distinguishes it from other forms of structural integration! Along with being able to really change the body structure and enhance alignment and posture, we also include movement education and Somatic Dialogue Processing to create dynamic and lasting results.

Tell Me More About Movement Education

Movement Education in Hellerwork is integrated at every level and is the true context of this work. Our goal is to give our clients a “retraining” in the way that they move through their lives. This is presented on the physical, emotional and psychological levels.

What is Somatic Psychology

Somatic Psychology is the therapeutic dialogue process that occurs during sessions, which assists clients in releasing old patterns stored in the body, therefore allowing them to evolve to a level of increased personal awareness and authenticity in their lives.

By addressing the entire person and not just the body, pain and stiffness on all levels is reduced or eliminated, and fluidity, freedom and ease takes its place. Even though all Structural Integration methods address the structure and function of the body, Hellerwork provides a deeper exploration into the psycho-emotive aspect of the person.

Benefits of this 4 Day Immersive Experience

Learn advanced tools to assess the body, work the psychology of the body, and make lasting change in the structure of the body.

Learn an incredible Art and Science to heal the body holistically.

Learn the tools and techniques that make a huge difference in your clients’ lives!

Learn from Dan and the Hellerwork Faculty

Dan Bienenfeld is a world renowned Hellerwork Structural Integration trainer and practitioner with over 40 years of experience. Some of his experience includes being past president of the Hellerwork Practitioners Association, Director of the Hellerwork Practitioner Training, and co-founding the Los Angeles Healing Arts Center, one of the nation’s largest multi-specialty alternative medical centers.

Prior to founding the Center, Dan built a strong foundation for his work from many years of facilitating programs in Structural Integration oriented ergonomics for large corporate clients such as Johnson and Johnson.

Dan’s commitment as an author and teacher ultimately springs from his deep passion and love for his work, and his desire to effect a positive healing transformation for as many people as possible in conjunction with his professional practice.

Grab your copy of Dan’s book Align for Life, Journey to Structural Integration.

What You Will Learn:

This 4 day workshop will give you a basic knowledge of Hellerwork Structural Integration and enable you to adopt these principles into your work and your life.

You will leave this workshop with many skills that can be utilized right away to help your clients, friends and family members create significant changes in their body/mind.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to assess structural alignment
  • The connection between structure and function
  • Strategies to correct postural deviations
  • To unwind and release tension and strain in the body
  • The fundamentals of Hellerwork Structural Integration
  • Opportunity to see if you would like to study the Hellerwork Structural Integration as a work career.
  • and much much more!

Advanced Tools

Discover techniques for working with clients to assess the body, tune into the psychology of the body, and make lasting change in the structure of their body.

Heal the Body Holistically

Discover tools and techniques for holistic healing to integrate the body, mind and movement connection patterns to create complete and lasting change.

Make a Difference

This powerful 4 day ‘hands on’ Introduction to Hellerwork Structural Integration Workshop will help you make a huge difference in your clients’ lives!

“Dan Bienenfeld might be the sole person I’ve met who deserves to be called a true healer. His highly intuitive nature coupled with his extensive knowledge of the structure of the human body and the infrastructure of the human psyche, makes anyone who is fortunate enough to have his ridiculously brilliant hands sculpt away the parts that are inhibiting their flow, lucky indeed. He is the body-mind connection incarnate.”

— Jennifer Grey, Actress (dirty dancing)

“I’ve been pretty rubbery in my body movements throughout my life and one of the important reasons for that is Dan Bienenfeld. The man is truly a genius. There’s no one better at making you feel better.”

— Martin Short, Actor

“Dan Bienenfeld is the Michelangelo of alignment.”

— Richard Simmons, Exercise personality

Undoubtedly, any avid skier or athlete can enhance their energy and balance by practicing the methods Dan teaches. The body awareness gained from understanding my structural integration augmented my endurance and performance in dubious ski situations when certainty was required.

— John Stifter, Editor Powder Magazine

How is this training delivered?

This is a hands-on, highly experiential class delivered over zoom.

You will need to enroll with a partner in order to do the bodywork, therapeutic movement facilitation, and processing skills. This is our solution during this Covid time and we have seen that this method is producing great results!

Register for the Introduction to Hellerwork Structural Integration Workshop happening March 28 -31, 2021

This 4 day immersive training and certification program will be delivered virtually via Zoom, a free video conferencing platform. You may select to register yourself or register yourself and your partner together by choosing the appropriate option below.

*To successfully receive the training and certification from this course you must have a practice partner.

Single registration is $997. Register with your partner for just $1994.

*To register your partner, select 2 as the quantity of your ticket order.

“Our bodies are filled with memories and remnants of the past. We can become so encumbered with the past that it can become difficult to actually be present and have new experiences. Our fascia tightens in response to events and conditioning and can often hold us in rigidity, making it difficult to thrive. As long as we have bodies, there will be issues. We will tighten up, but can actually learn how to minimize this tightening and also learn to let go and align with gravity, arguably the most powerful force in the universe. The ability to learn how to let go is inherent in all of us. We all have a body, but we don’t have to suffer so! Releasing the fascia, the stored events, while re-aligning the body, can release the past and give us an opportunity to transform our lives; this is what structural Integration does”

— Dan Bienenfeld


Common Questions

Do you offer a refund policy?

in order to hold your place at the workshop, registration will be fully refundable until 4 days prior to the course, after which there will be a 25% cancellation fee retained and the balance will be refunded back to the cancelled party. In the event of workshop cancellation, a full refund will be issued to each participant, students can receive credit to attend a future course or workshop.

What if I can't find a partner?

The nature of this training and certification program requires that you have a practice partner during live instruction. If you want to attend the training but are not able to find a partner, please contact us at bienenfeld@aol.com.

Will this workshop be offered in the future?

At this time, we do not have another workshop scheduled. There may be other opportunities in the future. We highly recommend signing up for this workshop event if you are interested as we cannot guarantee it will be offered again.

What are the prerequisites?

This 4 day immersion is for anyone who is interested in adding these tools to their practice or bodywork program. You are not required to have any previous experience or have completed prior certifications.

Will the training be recorded?

This training will be delivered live via zoom. Recordings may be offered but are not guaranteed at this time. In order to receive your certificate of completion, you must attend each session on all 4 days.

Will I receive a certificate?

You will receive a certificate of completion delivered to you electronically within 4 weeks of completing the 4 day immersion workshop.

Where can I learn more about Dan?

To learn more about Dan you may visit his website by clicking here.