Complete with introductory theory and self evaluation system, to really heal and master your body. Use the entire Body Mastery Series as a 30 day wake up!  Change your body and transform your life with the help of all 9 Ebooks!

Learn to identify your body patterns, link your activities with your stresses, this is part of knowing yourself.

Learn to heal yourself of tension, pain, rigidity and poor posture!  Body Mastery Series was created for you to love your life in your body.  Be some of the few individuals who actually know how to relax, align, and restore!  Each EBook is sold separately, for $4.99. If you paid for each book separately, it would cost you $44.91, and you would miss the collective power of the Body Mastery Series. Now, for a limited time you can save money by purchasing all 9 EBooks in one complete volume (plus other content) for the low price of  $31.99!  This is a significant discount!

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