The Art of Standing E-Book

Learn to stand with incredible posture and grace.

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“The Art of Standing”

The most simple of daily activities is the foundation for nearly all the movements of daily life. Each individual first begins to learn the art of standing at around six months of age- that is usually the last and only time in ones life that standing is being perfected. When we first learn as infants, we ‘fail our way to success’ by falling until we eventually learn to balance in the field of gravity. Learning standing balance with ease and grace is learning how to navigate gracefully in the field of gravity, the most powerful force in the universe. Posture is developed from many factors- and our bodies are like injection molded plastic mediums, they simply shape to the way we use them. Learn to stand with gorgeous posture and ease for the rest of your life. This is not the rigid military posture your parents tried to teach you, this is the new paradigm of postural flow. Your posture is your individual blueprint to physical reality!

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